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Background and teaching philosophy

Yoga background

Yoga has been an integral part of my life for the past four years. For a long time, I practiced different yoga styles from yin to ashtanga, depending on what I felt my body and mind needed at a given time. When I moved to Stockholm four years ago, I found rocket vinyasa yoga that took me completely as it went. Rocket vinyasa yoga – or more familiarly, ‘rocket’ – increases energy and vitality in the body with dynamic flow and the focus is on the inner experience. Rocket is heavily based on ashtanga, and the father of the practice Larry Schultz is also known as ‘the bad man of ashtanga’. Larry wanted to break the hierarchy on which the ashtanga practice is strongly based and offer freedom and creativity.

My own practice and teaching is based on rocket vinyasa and vinyasa flow, but I am looking for inspiration from many different yoga styles and forms. As a restless soul, I still find it challenging to sit still and meditate. It wasn’t until I started practicing rocket that I was able to reach a meditative state – while moving. As is often the case for those who have been practicing yoga for longer, today yoga means much more to me than just a physical practice.

I have completed RYT200 with Yoga Academy International as well as RYT50 rocket vinyasa teacher training in David Kyle’s guidance with Progressive Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga School.


Teaching philosophy

I do believe yoga has something to offer to everyone. But, like in everything, we all have our own preferences and a certain style of yoga is not for everyone. I tend to teach strong vinyasa classes, because this is what I practice. The asana and intensity is always modified to fit the level and goals of the participants. You don’t need a bendy body to start practicing yoga. An open mind always helps in starting a new hobby, but this can also be fixed with yoga.

The philosophical and spiritual side of yoga is important to me personally, but my lessons focus specifically on combining breath and movement to bring us closer to a meditative state. As we gain experience, we dive deeper into the use of bandhas, muscle locks, and the dhristi, gaze, in our practice.

As a yoga teacher, I focus on conveying positivity and acceptance. I enjoy the physicality of yoga and rocket in particular, but I always remind my students of the importance of showing compassion to others and especially to ourselves.


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