About yoga, finding your own path and the wonders of life. Dreaming of perfect waves and golden sunrises.

the first one

Hi lovely! I could not be more excited that you’ve found your way here. You can expect this blog to be updated most irregularly and the topics to be a random constellation of yoga, travels, dreams, self-development and life in general. For the very first post, I thought of giving a little introduction of myself. I’m a yogi from Finland, i.e. a Finnish yogi. A traveler at heart, I often feel like I belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Besides Finland, I have lived in Hong Kong, France, Sweden and a little while in Costa Rica. I truly

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Let's connect!

Kuulen mielellään sinusta ja ajatuksistasi. Laita rohkeasti viestiä ja jutellaan, millainen joogahetki sopisi juuri sinulle.