the first one

Hi lovely! I could not be more excited that you’ve found your way here. You can expect this blog to be updated most irregularly and the topics to be a random constellation of yoga, travels, dreams, self-development and life in general. For the very first post, I thought of giving a little introduction of myself.

I’m a yogi from Finland, i.e. a Finnish yogi. A traveler at heart, I often feel like I belong nowhere and everywhere at the same time. Besides Finland, I have lived in Hong Kong, France, Sweden and a little while in Costa Rica. I truly love to think that the world is my oyster. I love the feeling of excitement when visiting new places and meeting new people, looking in from the outside and gaining new perspective.

I tried yoga for the first time at the age of 15 or so. It took quite some time for yoga to grow on me, but for the past four years it has been a major part of my life. As I was working in banking, life was rather hectic and unbalanced at times. On the mat, I was able to escape from this and I started to cherish those moments more and more over time. When I moved to Stockholm four years ago, a friend introduced me to rocket yoga and I have been on that rocket ship ever since. I love to experiment with all types and styles of yoga, but nothing has quite moved my body and spirit the way rocket does.

I completed my teacher training in Nicaragua in 2019. To say that the experience was life-changing is not far from the truth. Within a month of coming back I had sold my apartment in Sweden, sold most of my belongings and quit my job in the bank. Couple of months later I found myself in Costa Rica, in a magical little town of Pavones. I spent my days volunteering in a surf hostel, teaching yoga and eating (a lot of) mangos that I had picked from the ground. Surfing, learning about myself, diving deep into my yoga practice and teaching. As the world closed in 2020, my heart opened.

Today, I live in Helsinki and work as a yoga studio manager. I am a restless soul inhabiting a restless body. But being right here, right now, feels good. Apart from traveling and yoga, I love coffee, red wine, reading and sunrises. I’m a true morning person and love to get a lot of things done first thing when I wake up – usually while having a huge cup of coffee. I’m that person who is always ready to walk from point A to point B (‘oh, only 8 kilometres!’). The way I eat chips is somewhat strange and I should not be allowed near them besides in the company of close friends. I had a turtle when I was a kid and one of the most amazing experiences for me has been to snorkel with sea turtles in Gili Islands. I say ‘amazing’ a lot.

Here I’ll be discussing all things yoga, maybe sharing travel tips and drawing on topics related to self-growth and finding your path in life. Any questions, ideas or feedback, contact me here or drop me a line on instagram. I hope you find this space useful, and I can’t wait to connect with you further.


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